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Successful clinical-stage drug development programs rely on a unique synergy of speed, flexibility, and quality. To strike the desired balance, our product development and manufacturing teams excel at optimizing your supply chain manufacturing process, ensuring a seamless transition at every step along the way. From research and development to clinical supplies manufacturing to final packaging, we’ll leverage our breadth of experience and expansive capabilities to accelerate your drug development program.

Our strategically designed facilities and equipment are built to meet international quality standards and ensure optimal manufacturing processes. Whether your oral solid dosage form is tablet, capsule, or powder, flexible process trains and batch sizes are the keys to your achieving an efficient and successful clinical supply chain. Our experienced team is well-equipped to meet your manufacturing requirements, including controlled substances, potent compounds, light-sensitive compounds, targeted release, and organic solvent processing.

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Supported Dosage Forms

We manufacture and manage a wide array of dosage forms for immediate, extended, or delayed release.

  • Conventional Tablets
  • Film Coated
  • Bi-Layer Tablets
  • Mini-Tablets
  • Orally
  • Disintegrating/Sublingual/Chewable Tablets
  • Powder Filled Capsules
  • API-In-Capsule
  • Multiparticulates in Capsules
  • Over-encapsulation
  • Banded Capsules
  • Film Coated Capsules
  • Liquid Filled Capsules
Multi-Particulates & Powders
  • Mini-Tablets
  • Wet-Mass Extruded Spheres
  • Drug Layered and Coated Spheres
  • Powders For Reconstitution

Integrated Laboratory Services  

Our team of experts is ready to support your project at any stage in the process. Be sure to check out our additional offerings.