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Solution & Suspension Formulation

Enhanced Solutions & Suspensions Formulations

Elevate your biological formulation with the optimal solution or suspension dosage forms for your product. We know first-hand the importance of amplifying a compound’s potential, researching every avenue for optimal responses, and delivering a gentler dosing experience your end customers deserve.

Even if your biologic or large molecule is difficult to solubilize, our team of industry-leading experts will make the adjustments you need to balance the properties of your suspension or solution formulation. Together, we’ll evaluate your biologic’s specific challenges, target an effective formulation type, and identify a route of administration that best benefits your needs. Whether you need to enhance delivery, maintain stability, or incorporate compatible adjuvants and excipients, our team provides the insight and support to develop your drug product formulation.

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Solution & Suspension Dosage Forms

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Solution Formulations
  • Solution formulations accommodate a wide variety of routes of administration from oral to injectable
  • Oral solutions are easily administered for a wide variety of target populations
  • Injectable solutions are utilized for fixed-dose combinations or multivalent formulations
  • Aerosolized solutions are a practical alternative to quickly deliver doses in a safe and straightforward manner if other routes prove problematic
  • Adjuvants can often be incorporated into solution formulations to help drive immune responses based on the needs of the compound
Suspension Formulations
  • Suspension formulations are commonly used when compound solubility is limited, or a formulation is needed quickly for testing
  • Suspensions often require pre-treatment of the compound to reduce particle size and increase homogeneity
  • Suspensions can be administered orally or subcutaneously
Multivalent Formulations
  • A major benefit to solution formulations is pairing multiple biologicals or actives in one solution
  • Single-dose delivery through combination doses reduces stress and discomfort
  • Compatibility of combinations and time of delivery relies on the compounds but can be greatly influenced by the formulation
  • Reduced production cost when combining multiple doses
Pediatric Formulations
  • Orally administered suspension or solution formulations can be paired with sweeteners to ease delivery to pediatric patients
  • Solution formulations administered intranasally can often reduce the need for a high-compound-loading due to the abundance of capillaries and thereby reduce discomfort upon administration

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