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Clinical Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Liquid Suspensions & Solutions

Clinical stage drug development programs require a unique mix of speed, flexibility, and quality. Our integrated product development and manufacturing teams are structured to help you seamlessly transition from research and development to clinical supplies manufacturing and packaging.

Our facilities and equipment meet international quality standards and provide flexible batch sizes, which are key to a successful early-stage clinical supply chain. We can manufacture, package, and label various clinical solutions and suspensions with your unique manufacturing requirements in mind.

Accelerate your drug development program with confidence and reach patients faster by leveraging our depth of experience and breadth of capabilities.

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Oral Dosage Forms

We offer a variety of options for manufacturing and packaging solution and suspension dosage forms and package in a variety of options from single to multi-dose containers. Our services also include topical, pediatric, and fixed dose combination drug products.

  • Potent
  • DEA Controlled
  • Oral Solutions
  • Oral Solution Concentrates
  • Liquid Filled Capsules
  • Oral Suspensions
  • Single and Multi-Dose

Integrated Laboratory Services  

Prepare your program with comprehensive support as it progresses through pivotal stages. See how else our experts and capabilities offer additional power to your project.