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Our Approach

Successfully bringing a small molecule compound from late-stage discovery all the way through the clinic requires experimentation and integration of interdependent disciplines. Pace Analytical Life Sciences provides the highest quality CMC development support, recognizing that every molecule has unique chemical, pharmaceutical and business attributes. Solubility, stability and degradation pathways, solid-state properties and biopharmaceutical properties all must be characterized and analyzed an integrated fashion during development. With an integrated dataset, rational formulation, process development, and drug product manufacturing are streamlined. Applying Pace’s integrated, rational approach helps companies to identify strengths and weaknesses within compounds—allowing them to select and advance the compounds with the greatest odds of survival. Identifying the relative strengths of compounds early in the development process has enormous impact on time and cost savings. Consequently, if development studies are performed incorrectly the first time, it can be as costly as if they weren’t done at all.