Dioxin / Furan Analytical Services

  • All EPA dioxin methods—both high and low resolution
  • Emerging compounds such as PCB Congeners and PBDEs
  • All Matrices including food and animal feed
  • Nationwide State and Federal Agency certifications
  • Flexible data packages, report levels and EDD formats
  • On-line data access at PacePort, the Pace Analytical Web Portal
  • Dioxin sample containers and sampling media in stock
  • Experienced project managers assist in project plans
  • Rush sample turnaround service available upon request
  • Disposal of unused sample material
  • Expert witness testimony / defensible data

Dioxin Sample Matrices:

Drinking Water
Animal Feed
Waste Water
Stack Air
Ambient Air
Hazardous Waste
Chemical Compounds
Food Stuffs
Semi-permeable Membrane

Dioxin Instrumentation

  • ( 1 ) – Waters Autospec Premier Resolution GC/MS Systems
  • ( 2 ) – Waters Autospec Ultima High Resolution GC/MS Systems
  • ( 2 ) – Thermo DFS Dual GC High Resolution Systems
  • ( 1 ) – GC/MS Systems