State-specific Vapor Intrusion Guidance Information

Alabama: Alabama Risk-Based Corrective Action Guidance Manual, Revision 3.0, February 2017

Alaska: Vapor Intrusion Guidance for Contaminated Sites, November 2017

Arizona: Site Investigation Guidance Manual, October 2014

Arkansas: No stand-alone VI guidance

California: California Water Boards

Colorado: Vapor Intrusion Petroleum Guidance

Connecticut: List of Guidance Documents

Delaware: Policy Concerning the Investigation, Risk Determination and Remediation for the Vapor Intrusion Pathway

Florida: Indoor Vapor Intrusion Guidance

Georgia: Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance

Hawaii: 7.0 Soil Vapor and Indoor Air Sampling Guidance

Idaho: Appendix C: Evaluation of the Indoor Air Inhalation Pathway

Illinois: Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives

Indiana: Remediation Closure Guide

Iowa: No stand-alone VI guidance

Kansas: Kansas Vapor Intrusion Guidance, August 2016

Louisiana: Recommended Approach for Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion Pathway using Soil Gas Sampling

Maine: Vapor Intrusion Evaluation Guidance, January 2010

Maryland: Toxic Air Pollutant Regulations Assistance

Massachusetts: Vapor Intrusion Guidance: Site Assessment, Mitigation and Closure, October 2016

Michigan: Guidance Document for the Vapor Intrusion Pathway, May 2013

Minnesota: Vapor Intrusion Page

Mississippi: No stand-alone VI guidance

Missouri: Vapor Intrusion Page

Montana: Montana Vapor Intrusion Guide, April 2011

Nebraska: No stand-alone VI guidance

Nevada: Case Officer Screening Method for Identifying Sites Where Vapor Intrusion May Pose an Imminent and Substantial Hazard, October 2012

New Hampshire: New Hampshire VI Guidance

New Jersey: Vapor Intrusion Page

New Mexico: Risk Assessment Guidance for Site Investigations and Remediation, March 2017

New York: Indoor Air Sampling and Analysis Guidance

North Carolina: DWM Vapor Intrusion Guidance

North Dakota: No stand-alone VI guidance

Ohio: Ohio EPA’s Vapor Intrusion Guidance

Oklahoma: No stand-alone VI guidance

Oregon: Guidance for Assessing and Remediating Vapor Intrusion in Buildings

Pennsylvania: Vapor Intrusion Page

Rhode Island: Rules and Regulations for Investigation and Remediation of Hazardous Material Releases

South Carolina: No stand-alone VI guidance

South Dakota: No stand-alone VI guidance

Tennessee: No stand-alone VI guidance

Texas: No stand-alone VI guidance

Utah: No stand-alone VI guidance

Vermont: Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Properties Rule

Virginia: No stand-alone VI guidance

Washington: DRAFT: Guidance for Evaluating Soil Vapor Intrusion in Washington State: Investigation and Remedial Action, April 2018

West Virginia: Voluntary Remediation Program

Wisconsin: Addressing Vapor Intrusion at Remediation & Redevelopment Sites in Wisconsin

Wyoming: Wyoming Voluntary Remediation Fact Sheet